Due to the nature of our unique processes, all of our jewellery is unique and no two pieces will ever be the same. From the raw stones to acorns and shells, every ring, necklace and earring has its variations. My free-form metal settings are no different! The silver or copper settings are each varying information and thickness of metal. Read on to understand more about my intriguing process. 


Our raw Australian opal rings grown in recycled copper



Our designs are not only unique in themselves but the method used to create my pieces is just as fascinating. My jewellery is actually made through alchemy, unlike traditional jewellery heat is not needed in their creation. It is, in fact, a complex chemical and electrical process - basically, we use modern-day alchemy!

By working hard on our own unique techniques and special formulas, we've made turning essentially anything into fine jewellery and unique wearable art, using both fine 99.9 silver and recycled copper.

Copper acorns. Before and after I have used my magic on them!

About Copper & Silver