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This uniquely designed little 'hag stone' talisman necklace is truly special! These rare stones were found by myself along the ancient North East coastline of England, hag stones or 'witches stones' as they are also known as are stones with natural holes said to be powerful lucky charms and appear in ancient folklore. However, these stones are even rarer by having multiple natural holes rather than just one.

Each hole has been coated with free-form, solid 99.9, lightly oxidized silver; this intriguing setting also adds a whole different detailed dimension to the piece. These stunning, naturally sea-worn stones each have two or more holes and measure between 16.5-13mm. They also hang from a sterling silver chain.

These necklaces are pre-made and you will receive one of the pendants pictured. Expect to receive a unique raw/ natural stone with variations in tone, shape or size.


My designs are not only unique in themselves but the method used to create my pieces is just as fascinating, for more information feel free to take a look at OUR PROCESS.

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