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A pretty little Limpet shell encased in fine gold plated fine silver. Collected by Alexandra herself on the North East coast of England. Synonymous with the sea, this necklace is perfect for those with connections to our precious oceans.

NO animal is EVER harmed for the sake of our jewellery. ALL animal bone used in our jewellery is found within the Scottish Borders. ALL bone used is fully disinfected and bleached.

All chains used for these necklaces are reclaimed from damaged or unwanted vintage necklace. The sterling silver chains have been restored and plated in fine gold. You will receive any one of these chains chosen at random.

These necklaces are handmade to order. You will receive a necklace similar to that pictured. Please understand that our jewellery is handmade and will vary from piece to piece.

My designs are not only unique in themselves but the method used to create my pieces is just as fascinating, for more information feel free to take a look at OUR PROCESS.

For information about fine silver or copper visit HERE. And for further questions please visit our FAQ's & SHOP POLICIES.

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