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It's 2018 and we are now living in Scottland! So many new adventures to be had and fresh inspiration to embrace, I can't wait to begin! We did the whole moving bit directly over Christmas so it has been a huge struggle and a bit of a nightmare to be honest, however, as February approaches I feel like its time to jump back in :) 

The challenge I'm faced with this year is to build a new workshop as I no longer have my wonderful old caravan to work from. For the time being FEATHEROAK will be entirely run from my bedroom, which isn't the ideal. A new and bigger space would be amazing, and an important step to help FEATHEROAK grow, so who knows where we might go from there!

A few personal goals are to FINALLY learn to drive an get my licence, which would not only make things a little easier but I'd LOVE to do a bit of travelling with my camera too. I'd absolutely love to collect objects and inspiration to put back into my work, after all its always been my environment that inspires me the most (the perfect excuse haha).

All the best for 2018,

Alexandra x

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